Water and Energy Management

Aquifer Storage Recovery

''Durack has invested in a water conservation project called an Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) system at the Geraldton Campus.

Existing central storm water drainage systems from buildings and car parks directs captured rain water into a naturally occurring sump, located on the campus. With more than seven years of rainwater entering the sump, this has created a fresh water lense that naturally “floats” on top of the saltier ground water. 

The Institute has tapped into this fresh water lense and draws up to 10,000kL per annum, reducing the reliance on scheme water for lawns and gardens. 

The water is drawn from the ground through a series of bores and used for irrigating the campus lawns and gardens during the warmer, drier months of the year. The aquifer is replenished annually by the winter rains through the drainage system

In the first two years of use, scheme water usage was reduced by 90% after reaching a peak in 2005/06.

Water  & Energy Monitoring 

''Smart meters have been installed at the main switchboard and others to monitor the Institute’s energy usage at Geraldton Campus.

An energy monitoring dashboard, designed by Institute staff, displays comparative graphs, consumption counters and usage dials in real time, in a user friendly format. 

The energy monitoring dashboard is displayed on the large screen TV’s located in the Me-N-U Cafe. Staff can also view it on our Intranet.

Real time renewable energy productions from solar panels and the wind turbine, water usage and savings are displayed.

Savings are updated each month to advise staff and students of the savings made in our usage.

See our SPOT pages for more examples of our water and energy saving initiatives.

FT - Full time

PT - Part time

FLX - Flexible

RPL - Recognition of prior learning

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APP - Apprenticeship

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