BCMI offers an insight to the marine world

26 August 2014

The Batavia Coast Maritime Institute (BCMI) will open its doors to the public on Friday 29 August as part of the Goodness Sustainability and Innovation Festival for 2014.

From 4pm onwards, the BCMI Team will be holding free tours for the public about innovation in biodiversity and aquaculture in the state-of-the-art facilities located at the Separation Point Marine Precinct followed by some light refreshments.

BCMI has been a regular supporter of the Goodness Festival over the years which aims to showcase and celebrate innovation and achievement towards sustainability in the Mid West.

After ten years of planning and development, BCMI opened in 2006 and has since positioned itself as a world class best practice aquaculture, marine and environmental research and training facility.

BCMI operates as one of Durack Institute of Technology’s six campuses, and is an industry leader in local training, research and development in marine studies, aquaculture, horticulture, conservation and land management, environmental science and laboratory science in the region.

Visitors will have full access to see or engage with the maritime simulator, aquaculture hatchery, marine ornamental fish display, the NATA accredited environmental testing laboratory, horticulture, aquaponics and CALM greenhouses.

Special projects on display will include finfish broodstock that are used for stock enhancement projects, aquaculture operations and research.

Visitors will also be able to see how the BCMI is developing aquaculture techniques for new marine ornamental species, by conducting research into the spawning and larval rearing of species such as Blue Tangs, Flame Angelfish, Yellow Tangs, Mandarinfish and more.

BCMI exports ornamental fish on a regular basis to suppliers around Australia.  This project helps with the conservation of coral reefs by providing aquacultured fish to shops in Australia. This is particularly important given that the vast majority of marine ornamental fish species traded in Australia are still obtained from wild-capture coral reef fisheries.

BCMI welcomes expressions of interest for tours at any other time of the year and is keen to engage with the people of Geraldton. For enquiries contact

To find out more about the Goodness Festival, visit the website

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