Annual Maintenance Of BCMI Pipeline Causes Mistaken Identity

02 October 2014

A commercial dive boat involved in the routine inspection and cleaning of a sea water intake pipe for the Batavia Coast Maritime Institute (BCMI) this morning, has resulted in the mistaken identity of an incoming refugee vessel.

The commercial dive boat seen off Separation Point in Geraldton, was contracted by Durack Institute of Technology to support commercial divers involved in the annual maintenance of its sea water intake pipe used by BCMI.

BCMI Training Director Suresh Job said the maintenance is carried out on an annual basis. The sea water intake pipe brings in up to 130 kL/hr and is an important part of the BCMI infrastructure which opens out onto Separation Point.

“BCMI aims to maintain the quality of the sea water used in the facility’s research and training programs which includes the commercial production of marine ornamental fish species, coral, Pink Snapper, and Black Bream,” Mr Job said. 

BCMI is one of five campuses operated by Durack Institute of Technology in the Mid West and Gascoyne regions.  After ten years of planning and development, it was opened in 2006 and has since positioned itself as a world class best practice environmental science, aquaculture, and marine research and training facility.

Key focal areas for research and development projects include biodiversity conservation, environmental management, aquatic science and aquaculture.

Projects seek to address important local, regional and national issues, with an emphasis on developing strategies for addressing key threats impacting on the natural environment.

Local and international students are attracted to these BCMI projects which offer the opportunity to undertake and participate in research activities as part of the courses. On-campus accommodation supports those students who choose to move to Geraldton for their research or training needs.

Online admissions are currently open for students interested in courses delivered at BCMI until Friday 5 December, for the full course list, visit the Durack website

IMAGE: Durack’s Aquaculture Technician Daniel Hoare works closely with students to incorporate their training into commercial operations such as the ornamental fish program run from BCMI.

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