Vet students help with Barndi Mara exercise

06 November 2015

In June, Durack's vet nursing students and staff took part in a City of Greater Geraldton emergency exercise to test the activation of Local Animal Emergency Welfare Guidelines.

The project was called Barndi Mara, Wajarri for in good hands, or in safe hands. The purpose of the field exercise was to ensure all local emergency agencies are familiar with the geography of the local area; its surrounds, facilities and procedures during a real emergency response situation.

Barndi Mara Team and Durack Students      Barndi Mara Team Filming with Durack

Durack’s vet nursing students assessed animals brought into the emergency shelter, including horses.

One dog presented with suspected Canine Parvovirus, all part of the simulated emergency of course, and Durack students had to isolate and assess his condition.

Barndi Mara Project with Durack 1     Barndi Mara Project with Durack 2     Barndi Mara Project with Durack 3 

Barndi Mara Project with Durack 4     Barndi Mara Project with Durack 5     Barndi Mara Project with Durack 6

Durack Animal Care lecturer, Dr Suellen Kelly, said it was a good exercise for the students.

"In a situation like this you never know what will present so it was a good exercise for the students to be involved in,” she said.

The exercise was filmed by local company Dragonfly Media and was presented by the CGG at the WA Fire and Emergency Services Conference in Perth, and has been screened at the Australian Institute of Animal Management Conference in Townsville.

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