Financial Assistance

Keen to study or undertake training but unsure about your ability to finance it?  

Help is available for all our students. The following options are available to assist you.

  • Payment plans including Direct Debit
  • Concession rates
  • Scholarships

Payment Plans

  • You will need to discuss this option with our Client Services Manager in the first instance
  • A $200 deposit or 10% of course fee is required – whichever is the greaterand a direct debit set up with your bank account.  The amount to be deducted regularly will be determined during your discussion with our Client Services Manager
  • If you are on a Centrelink payment, you can complete a CentrePay form to have payments deducted automatically from your Centrelink payment. This can be completed during your discussion with our Client Services Manager.

Concession Rates

Eligible students may receive concession rates for Certificate courses. You are considered eligible if you meet any of the following requirements: 

  • Persons and dependants of persons holding:
    • A Pensioner Concession Card
    • A Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs
    • A Health Care Card
  • Persons and dependants of persons in receipt of AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY
  • Persons and dependants of persons in receipt of the Youth Allowance
  • Persons who are inmates of a custodial institution
  • Secondary school aged persons. in 2015, these students will be born on or after 1 July 1997 and must be at least 15 years old

Proof of eligibility for concession must be demonstrated prior to the commencement of the unit.


If you enrol in a Diploma or above course; or an eligible Certificate IV course you may be eligible for VET FEE-HELP. This is similar to HECS-HELP for university students. 

Find out more on our VET FEE-HELP page.


Each year we offer a number of scholarships to our students. These scholarships go towards the cost of your course. 

Find out more on our scholarships page.

FT - Full time

PT - Part time

FLX - Flexible

RPL - Recognition of prior learning

ONL - Online

OPL - Open learning

PRE - Preapprenticeship

APP - Apprenticeship

TRN - Traineeship

WPA - Workplace assessment