What Our Students Have To Say

Maria’s story

Maria_International_Philippines      Philippines Flag

Origin: Philippines

Course: Certificate IV in Environmental Monitoring and Technology

Student at Durack since: New in 2013

Maria’s first impression of Durack was of helpful and supportive staff to assist her with the transition of studying away from home.  She thought Durack’s modern and clean facilities were on par with what the city had to offer and was glad she made the choice to study in the Mid West of WA.  

Maria was also thankful for the assistance given at Durack’s Library about accessing learning resources and taking public transport, so that she could get around town easily.

Maria thought the delivery of training at Durack always kept her interested as classes weren’t just on-campus, but out in the industry where she could see those skills in action.

As a result of this varied training delivery, Maria got to know her classmates very well, and easily made friends which means a lot to an international student out of their comfort zone.

Maria noted that Durack’s Staff were easy to approach and ask for assistance and treated her with respect at all times in line with their vision and values.

Even though in her first year studying at Durack, Maria highly recommends studying at Durack in Geraldton to any of her friends and family back home in the Philippines.

Joseph’s story

Joseph Malaysia     Malaysia Flag 

Origin: Malaysia

Course: Diploma of Seafood Industry (Aquaculture)

Student at Durack since: 2008

Previous Studies: Courses in Hospitality & Commercial Cookery, Diploma of Accounting.

Joseph has been studying at Durack for the past five years and is a good example of an international student making the most of what Durack has to offer. 

Joseph says that the Staff at Durack were very flexible and accommodating with his enrolment as an international student back in 2008, so that he could secure his place at Durack to study.

Having completed courses in hospitality and commercial cookery at Durack when he first arrived, Joseph now has the skills and experience to work in local restaurants.

Joseph notes that being away from his family is difficult at times, but the experienced Lecturers at Durack care about his progress in and out of the classroom.  Joseph is happy learning different cultures and perspectives from western culture and enjoys watching windsurfing and surfing at the local beaches in Geraldton.

In 2009, Joseph won the Vocational Student of the Year Award, a prestigious title sponsored by local industry who work closely with Durack.

Lynsey’s story

Lynsey_UK     UK Flag 

Origin: United Kingdom

Course: Diploma of Laboratory Techniques

Student at Durack since: 2012

After spending some time on vacation in Australia, Lynsey didn’t want to leave.  She wanted to pursue additional training of Australian qualifications which was in line with what she had studied and worked in back home in the UK.

Lynsey was amazed when she first found out about Durack in the Mid West. She thought it was a modern and professional looking campus, very similar to a university.

Even though Geraldton is located on the coast, Lynsey says she easily forgets the beach is there when she is working in modern state-of-the-art facilities on campus.

Apart from the impressive variety of field trips around the local area, Lynsey says the experienced Lecturers always keep her on her toes with new and interesting projects.  Her classes are a mixture of people from all ages and students mix easily in different work groups.

For Lynsey, studying at Durack in WA is a regular topic of conversation amongst her family and friends back home, as international education is new to them all and she is doing something completely new, different and fun.

Lynsey also works part-time at BCMI as a lab technician, and gained this employment with Durack by completing her Cert IV in Lab Techniques.  The lab at BCMI is the only National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited lab north of Perth, so Lynsey is working at national and international standards.


FT - Full time

PT - Part time

FLX - Flexible

RPL - Recognition of prior learning

ONL - Online

OPL - Open learning

PRE - Preapprenticeship

APP - Apprenticeship

TRN - Traineeship

WPA - Workplace assessment