University Pathways

Durack can help you achieve your dream of reaching the University of your choice!

A Diploma qualification from Durack Institute can enable you to enrol in a University degree course regardless of your age or high school results. 

Durack has articulation arrangements in place with leading Universities in Australia that enable students who have achieved their Diploma qualification to gain guaranteed credits at these Universities in related courses.

Why should you consider a University Pathway with Durack?

  • Allow you to gain credit for study you have already completed
  • Reduce the length of your study duration
  • Reduce the amount of University fees

This will not only enable you to reduce your study load and/or the length of your university course but will also reduce your HECS debt if you have one.

Having both a Durack Diploma qualification and a University degree will equip you with the best of both worlds in terms of your employment opportunities. 

Gaining the industry-focused practical skills that a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification provides you with, as well as the academic knowledge that a University program confers is exactly what employers are looking for in their best employees!

Find out more about the benefits of choosing a VET pathway to University.

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FT - Full time

PT - Part time

FLX - Flexible

RPL - Recognition of prior learning

ONL - Online

OPL - Open learning

PRE - Preapprenticeship

APP - Apprenticeship

TRN - Traineeship

WPA - Workplace assessment